Hos Thea opened on June 9, 1987

With background from legendary restaurants like Sancho and Norberto, Sergio bought a 100 year old butcher’s shop in Skillebekk. The year was 1987 and the goal was to create a small restaurant. With a modest economy the philosophy was simple: "a gourmet experience without expensive factors".

The main elements were a dining room with open kitchen, Sergio himself behind the pots, a small menu he could take full responsibility for, .... and lots of love.

The response exceeded all expectations. The guests, as well as the press liked the concept. Before year end, hos Thea had received several prizes: Best Restaurant 1987 (Dagens Næringsliv), American Express Service Award, and the Public Choice.

Every day since Sergio has opened Thea´s doors with great gratitude and even greater performance anxiety.